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Metis is

a digital platform

which provides 3D animated and video instructions.

Handle complex assembly processes with cutting edge technology Distribute & update instructions with one click.
Supply information simultaneously around the globe.
Scale user-base without scaling the effort.
Language independent - through intuitive visualization.
Apply the system instantly with minimum resources.


The Metis Productsuit empowers you to change the way your products are assambled with the click of a button.

Metis Manager

Seamlessly create new instructions for your product with a platform independent tool.

Metis Client

A powerful, mobile ready, web-application that can be used on every modern device to browse and display instructions.

Metis Analytics

Analyze, visualize and improve the user experience of your customers and workers alike.


The Metis Team offers you a wide array of services that make the transition to the new system as comfortable as possible.

Add your own touch!
A good application should represent the company. Our developers will adjust the design to better identify with your company.
You want more?
There some special features that are needed? We can help!
Learn from the best.
Let our experienced and well trained stuff help you in creating beautiful and comprehensible instructions.
Evolve your skills.
You don't want to waste time? A one on one lesson in content generation with our experts will get you on a different level.
Generate insight.
Our team can help you to leverage your data. Identify preferred presentation styles and bottlenecks in your instructions to continously improve your customer experience.
Grow with your base
We offer flexible and competitive plans on our product that scale with your customer base.


Learn what the team is up to now.

  • 2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The company Metis was found by five students all from different areas offering different expertices. We were brought together by the whish to create something valuable and lasting in this fast pace world.

  • January 2017

    The Product

    With many of our members having a strong background in AI, we wanted to create something that doesn't displace human workers but instead augments them. Coming from the industry we knew the current problems with information systems in manufacturing and the challenges faced by the staff.

  • January 2017 - August 2017

    The first Prototype

    In the first eight months we transformed our vision into code, while staying in contact with the industry.

  • August 2017

    Project Partner

    With the prototype on our devices we went from door to door to find a project partner whith whom we could create version 2.0 of our system on a real use-case.

  • August 2017 - now

    Version 2.0

    With the help of our project partner we continuously improved the software over the last several months.

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The Metis Team

Benjamin Hofmann

Sales and Marketing

Simon Hofmann

Head of Projects

Andreas Habl

Product Development

Philipp Leitner

Finance and Accounting

Marcus Zedlmayer

Managing Director

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